20 12 / 2010

Besides unpacking the Arduino board and all my little starter kit odds and ends, the first thing I did was dive online and setup my development environment.

Since my background is software development, not electronics, I have a much stronger concept of how I want to design and develop my little prototypes.

Before I get started I should note that all the development work I do will be on a Mac, so whilst there may be PC/Linux versions of the apps below, I haven’t tested or covered them in this post.

Three tools I could not live without:

  • Arduino Software: A pretty important piece of software. It’s the development environment and compiler for the Arduino boards. Installed just fine on my Mac running 10.6.6
  • Fritzing: A very cool little application that allows you to document your prototypes. It’s all very easy to use and a great way to share files and designs. All the Schematics I throw up on this blog will be in this format
  • Arduino Textmate bundle: I prefer to do all my development in Textmate. If you’re not familiar with Textmate, go check it out